Occasional musings on sci-fi and fantasy

Books Any sci-fi or fantasy book which is actually worth reading will provoke some sort of reaction in you. Maybe the author came up with a really clever or imaginative idea.  Maybe you find yourself getting caught up in the grandeur of an epic series.  Or perhaps a book has taken a turn which plain infuriates you.

I have started this blog as a vehicle to record my own reactions to the books I read and possibly engage in discussions with others who are reading or have read the same books.  I may also venture into the related technologies such as eBooks, the audiobook medium and suchlike.

Be warned though that I will make no attempt to protect readers from spoilers other than to indicate, very clearly at the top of each post, the book or series I am writing about and exactly where I am up to in it.

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1 Response to Occasional musings on sci-fi and fantasy

  1. I must confess to a secondary reason for starting this blog. I came up with “Ajahs and Jeejahs” as an original name for a sci-fi and fantasy blog and didn’t want to waste it.

    For anyone who finds it a bit cryptic, the “Ajahs” are the orders of the Aes Sedai (female society of wielders of the One Power) in the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson. And in Neal Stephenson’s “Anathem”, hand-held electronic devices are referred to generically as “jeejahs”.

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