Scoring with a Header

A new (WordPress) blog means a new header. A bit of a challenge this one. Can one combine a representation of “Ajah” with one of “Jeejah” in the same image? Bearing in mind that an Ajah is a “specialism group” within the all-female Aes Sedai society of magic wielders in a fantasy series (Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan and latterly Brandon Sanderson) whereas a Jeejah is a generic term for a mobile electronic device used in the saecular (non-Mathic) world in Neal Stephenson’s sci-fi epic, Anathem.

The Aes Sedai do have a symbol, the teardrop, representing Saidar, the female half of the One Power. In the story, there was an older version of the symbol where two interlocking teardrops, one black and one white, form a complete circle. This refers to an earlier time (before “the Breaking of the World”) when there were both male and female Aes Sedai, wielding the two halves of the One Power, Saidin and Saidar, respectively.

I copied an image of this original Aes Sedai symbol into my Android phone and displayed it on the screen. Then took a photo. That seemed to be a perfectly fair way to combine the idea of Ajah and Jeejah in one single, largely monochromatic image to use as header.

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