The Race to Catch Up

Spoiler Check: I have completed Wheel of Time series, Book 7 – “A Crown of Swords”, not started on Book 8

It’s a bit like being late to the Harry Potter party. HP7a has just come out and you haven’t read the books or seen the earlier films so are scrabbling to catch up.

It’s the same with the Wheel of Time. While everyone else has been anxiously waiting for Towers of Midnight, book 13 of a projected 14, I have only in the last week finished book 7, A Crown of Swords, as an audiobook. A bit of a mish-mash it was too. There were some resolutions, such as Elayne and co finally getting their mitts on the Bowl of Winds and Nynaeve getting hitched up with Lan. The latter I expected to be dragged out longer. And Rand has now disposed of Sammael and taken Illian. But the pace was pretty slow for most of the book and it did rather go all over the place towards the end, quite deliberately starting more threads than it tied up.

And the intervention of Sammael/Graendal with Sevanna, tricking the latter into getting legions of Shaido trapped by Rand’s forces. Other than to save Rand the trouble of tracking them down and finishing them off, it did not really add anything to the narrative. It was though an excuse to introduce a new mysterious character, Moridin. And in the meantime the predictable Seanchan saga rolls on. Bringing Mat ever closer to his tryst with the Daughter of the Nine Moons.

After ACoS I switched to the few remaining chapters of The Girl who Played with Fire on audible. I have about half an hour of that left so have downloaded WoT Book 8, The Path of Daggers, in readiness. I was surprised to find it is titchy at only 23 hours unabridged. That makes it about half the size of A Crown of Swords. I almost feel cheated. It does also suggest Jordan intended it as a “filler” or maybe he was under pressure from fans and kept the book shorter so he could “keep ’em coming” and respond to the demand.

I shall find out soon enough. I am tired with being several books behind every other WoT fan. I want to have caught up well before A Memory of Light comes out so I can join in with all the plot speculation. As things stand I have to keep away from all that for fear of stumbling on spoilers.

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