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Towers of Midnight could Stand Taller

Spoiler Check: I have completed chapter 28 of Wheel of Time series, Book 13 – “Towers of Midnight” The Wheel of Time has taken us on a pretty bumpy journey, hitting some real highs then dragging us through some thoroughly … Continue reading

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The Wheel of Time-Slip

Spoiler Check: I have completed Chapter 16 of “Towers of Midnight” by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, Book 13 of the Wheel of Time series The Wheel of Time series has throughout used the “third person limited” viewpoint, where the … Continue reading

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Wheel of Time Encyclopaedia Offline

No idea why but the best on-line resource for Wheel of Time fans, Encyclopaedia WoT, is down and has been since yesterday if not earlier. What I value most about the site are the detailed chapter by chapter summaries of … Continue reading

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