Wheel of Time Encyclopaedia Offline

No idea why but the best on-line resource for Wheel of Time fans, Encyclopaedia WoT, is down and has been since yesterday if not earlier.

What I value most about the site are the detailed chapter by chapter summaries of each book, with associated notes and cross references. The notes help readers keep track of plot points and mentions of characters, items or events which might be related but separated by many volumes. There are other interesting fan sites, such as Dragonmount, but none so valuable as Encyclopaedia WoT as a day to day reference for readers of the series.

I am roughly in the middle of The Gathering Storm, which is every bit as good as widely claimed.  More happens in most chapters than in the whole of Crossroads of Twilight.  The absence of my favourite reference site threatened to detract from my enjoyment.

I have though found a workaround, albeit not a perfect one.  I search in Google with the exact URL of my target chapter summary, e.g. encyclopaedia-wot.org/books/tgs/ch23.html. This exact URL will come up as one of the search result items, usually the top one.  I can then select “cached” to get the page I want from Google’s archive rather than from the Encyclopaedia WoT site itself. Technically I could be reading an out of date version but the chances of that page having been updated in recent months are very low.  For some reason the summary for Chapter 24 does not come up, but I have been able to find all the others I wanted from Chapter 22 to Chapter 27 inclusive.

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1 Response to Wheel of Time Encyclopaedia Offline

  1. The site seems to be back up again which is good news. I can now look at the summary for Chapter 24.

    And I have my workaround ready in case the site goes down again.

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