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No Dream Start to the Dreaming Void

Maybe Peter F Hamilton was not the best choice after all. I am just an hour into The Dreaming Void and finding it very hard going indeed. I knew it was set in the same universe as the Commonwealth series … Continue reading

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Time for a Void

It is hard to recall downloading anything other than Wheel of Time books from Audible for a very long time.  I read The Eye of the World, first in the WoT series, in February 2010 and have worked my way … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones Finale Comes Up a Bit Short

Despite my reservations before the show aired, Game of Thrones has been an excellent series overall.  It has not though been consistently on top form and the final episode, for all the dramatic scope offered by the latter part of … Continue reading

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Into Waiting Mode

Spoiler Check: I have completed Wheel of Time series, Book 13 – “Towers of Midnight” To paraphrase Brandon Sanderson,  I have chewed up my buffer. This is the first time I have completed a Wheel of Time book and not … Continue reading

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