Game of Thrones Finale Comes Up a Bit Short

Despite my reservations before the show aired, Game of Thrones has been an excellent series overall.  It has not though been consistently on top form and the final episode, for all the dramatic scope offered by the latter part of the book, fell a little flat.

It was not all bad by any means, but it came over as a bit rushed. Like the crew were running out of time to get the series delivered to deadline and didn’t take quite the time they needed to polish the script, design, shooting and editing.  The result looks a little thrown together.

Maybe they shot what they needed to shoot to complete the story but then found they had not amassed quite enough material to fill the running time. How else to explain the hideously embarrassing scene with Maester Pycelle and the prostitute? Only Littlefinger tutoring two prostitutes on lesbian sex in an earlier episode scored remotely close on the cringe scales.  Yes we know HBO believe people won’t watch their shows unless they deliver so much nudity per episode, but usually added-in sex scenes are also used as a vehicle to communicate parts of the backstory (“sexposition”). But this scene was pure filler – pointless as well as tasteless.

The final scene was a disappointment. It should have been so dramatic, so climatic. But the reveal of Daenerys’s new little pets was clumsily handled and the opportunity for spectacle and drama was frittered away.

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3 Responses to Game of Thrones Finale Comes Up a Bit Short

  1. And why is HBO’s series just “Game of Thrones”, missing the initial indefinite article, whereas the book was “A Game of Thrones”?

    Will HBO now bring us “Clash of Kings”, “Storm of Swords”, “Feast for Crows”, “Dance with Dragons”, etc?

    Not sure they all sound quite right without the “A”, particularly “Feast for Crows”.

  2. Jared Swets says:

    I read the George RR Martin books a while before HBO announced the show (and waited for the time to crawl by from the announcement to the actual release date) so was very excited when watching the TV show.

    That might have tainted me, as I loved the ending scene for Season 1, thought it was very climatic and dramatic…. not sure what I might have done differently. (Perhaps would have messed with the unread viewer a little more, and ended the episode with the fire still burning, but the outline of a dragon in the flames… with a dragon screech? I don’t know, but I was not disappointed by the ending.)

    I don’t really care for the pointless sex scenes though…

    • I may have been too hard on the rendering of the final scene. Maybe I had imagined the baby dragons as slightly more impressive – in the show Dany just looked like she had three smoking lizards sat on her. Then again they couldn’t have been much bigger given the size of the eggs.

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