Time for a Void

It is hard to recall downloading anything other than Wheel of Time books from Audible for a very long time.  I read The Eye of the World, first in the WoT series, in February 2010 and have worked my way through the whole of the series up to and including the penultimate book, Towers of Midnight. The last book, A Memory of Light, is due out next year.

I do seem to have been stuck on the Wheel for some time. I have even started a re-read, getting as far as the third book, The Dragon Reborn. But I’m taking a break from it before I become unable to turn my focus to anything else.

To establish the extent of my WoT fixation, I checked my Audible purchase record. I did get Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson in August 2010, and later the first sequel, but ended up reading that series (The Millennium Trilogy) mainly as paper books.  Some of my Audible picks over the period were crime thrillers for my wife, but I didn’t read them so they don’t count.  The only other non-WoT book in the period was a non-fiction book, a history of ancient Egypt read in preparation for a Nile Cruise.

So no more new WoT books to read and I am deliberately taking a breather from my re-read to preserve my sanity. I have to find something else.

It has been all Fantasy for a while, not much by way of Sci-Fi, so I have decided to give the Void Trilogy a spin, starting with The Dreaming Void.  I have never read anything by Peter F Hamilton and know next to nothing about his work, except that Steve Gibson of “Security Now!” and Spinrite fame raves about him. But some of Gibson’s other recommendations have been let-downs so I shall reserve judgement.

Nevertheless, I go into this with an open mind.  I’m going to spend my next 22 hours of audiobook listening time in Hamilton’s world and hope it is time well spent.  Not only that, I hope the narrator is not too annoying or quirky. With audiobooks, the qualities of the narrator are nearly as important as those of the book.

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1 Response to Time for a Void

  1. The narrator, I notice, is Toby Longworth. He narrated Matter by Iain M Banks which I enjoyed, so no worries there.

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