Winter’s Heart is Coming

Well, actually it’s available again on following its temporary absence.

I haven’t repurchased it so can only assume they managed to include all the chapters this time. They only needed to add in the missing Chapter 27 which can’t have a running time of more than around 30 minutes.  Even allowing for the fact that it will have taken Jennifer Mildenhall (Kate Reading) a lot more than half an hour in the studio to record it, and that time will have been taken finding and booking recording dates, booking the studio crew, doing the final editing, proofing and publishing, it is amazing that it has taken since February, when I first reported the problem, to resolve this.

I’m not certain exactly when Winter’s Heart went back on-line but I was getting hits on this site only a week or so ago from people searching for explanations for its absence, so it must have been in the last few days.  There is only one listener rating shown and no reviews.  At least the one listener gave it 5 stars.

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