Avoiding the Void

My first foray into Peter F. Hamilton has proved to be something of a false start. When I ran out of Wheel of Time books, it seemed a good idea to give fantasy a rest and find some quality mainstream Sci Fi, so I decided to give The Dreaming Void a whirl, as an audiobook. But I found it hard to get into, a bit clichéd and the book seemed to assume familiarity with its invented universe.  I realised belatedly that it would be far better to leave the Void Trilogy until after reading the Commonwealth Saga (Pandora’s Star & Judas Unchained) which preceded it.

I only managed two hours of The Dreaming Void before putting it on one side.  I will very likely go back to it one day.  But only after giving Pandora’s Star a go.  Maybe PFH and I are never destined to get on.  For now I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Right now he can’t compete with George R.R. Martin. The Song of Ice and Fire books came out for audible in the UK (no doubt to cash in on the success of the HBO series) and I went straight on to A Clash of Kings and now more than half way through A Storm of Swords.


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