Audible were waiting for Kate, now waiting for Roy

Very very close to finishing A Storm of Swords as audiobook (Audible) but A Feast for Crows, the next book in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, is not yet available on Audible in the UK. Apparently it’s because it was not originally narrated by Roy Dotrice and we are waiting for a new recording by Roy to be completed. Roy had narrated all the ASoIaF books for Audible with the exception of A Feast for Crows because he had been unwell at the time. I think I’m going to have to wait. I could have it on my Kindle in seconds but I have got so used to Roy and his thousand voices bringing the various characters to life that I don’t think it would be quite the same.

The Dotrice narration adds a whole extra dimension to the enjoyment of the books, even if he insists on making Tyrion Lannister sound like Max Boyce and struggles to pronounce Targaryen (for a while we were getting “Tragaryen”).

There is a precedent for Audible publications being held up waiting for new recordings, e.g. Kate Reading and Winter’s Heart from Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time Series. That took about 6 months to resolve and in that case only required the recording of one chapter. Doesn’t augur well for how long we might need to wait for A Feast for Crows. Then again the publication of the A Song of Ice and Fire series on Audible for the first time in the UK can only be the result of the huge success of the Games of Thrones TV series on HBO. If Audible are trying to capitalise on the gush of enthusiasm for George R.R. Martin’s works they will surely fast-track the recording. Please tell me they will.


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