First time it’s happened. I find myself just starting Reamde by Neal Stephenson just as it becomes the read-along-book-of-the-month on the Sword & Laser podcast with Tom Merritt and Veronica Belmont . Entirely accidental – I needed a new audiobook so picked on the latest Neal Stephenson having read all his best known books to date. That S&L should pick it as book of the month is no great surprise but there were other choices and they have done Stephenson books before, notably Anathem.

Is it good or bad to be “in sync” with the podcast? Depends on whether I can keep up. Reamde is a 38 hour marathon, and if I fall behind I’ll start to have to skip S&L episodes, or chunks of them, to avoid spoilers.

This may be my first use of the Audible narrator speed feature, newly available on Android. A very slight speeding up will barely be noticeable and shouldn’t spoil my enjoyment of the book, but could literally save hours over the whole book.


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