Re-arm Day

I have just sent Neal Stephenson the following message on google+:

Neal, just curious about how much input you have (or for that matter ask for) into the production of audio versions of your books. If you listen to the version of Reamde, the narrator announces the title of the book pronouncing it Ree-ARM-day (Rearm Day?) but when the Reamde virus is first encountered in the narrative the pronunciation switches to REEM-dee which makes more sense from the context.

It does no harm really but it’s not exactly professional to get the title wrong in an audiobook. Have you had any involvement in the production of the audiobook or is that something you regard as a remote aspect of the publishing process?

For the record I am enjoying the book. Around 7 hours from the end, out of 38.



I have no idea whether Neal will ever see this. He does not have me in his circles so he would have to check his “incoming”, if he is even aware of that stream. His interactions with google+ seem pretty one-way. He never seems to engage with people who comment on his g+ posts.


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