Pointless book synchronisation

I have a pointless book synchronisation issue. I am 3 hours away from finishing Reamde by Neal Stephenson as an audiobook (Audible.co.uk) and meantime have 17% of A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin still to go on my Kindle.

I’m only reading A Feast for Crows on Kindle because there is no Audible version available in the UK yet. But I have read most of the earlier A Song of Ice and Fire books on Audible and the next in the series, A Dance with Dragons, is definitely available as an audiobook. So the plan is to finish A Feast for Crows at about the same time as Reamde so I can switch my Audible listening over to A Dance with Dragons.

This reading synchronisation master plan is threatened by my wife’s insistence on catching up on episodes of the POINTLESS quiz show in bed at night, which is eating into my prime Kindle reading time. I cannot help but listen to the stupid questions and come up with answers, and my progress through AFFC has ground to a crawl. Not that it’s been a particularly scintillating read anyway. Not a patch on A Storm of Swords which has been far and away the best book in the series.


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