Finished the Feast

Spoiler Check: I have completed “A Feast for Crows” by George R.R. Martin

It was a pretty meagre feast at that. Barely an amuse bouche.

What has me completely baffled is the final chapter, if it can be called that, “Meanwhile, back on the wall…” which is nothing more than the author’s excuse for delivering half a story. Martin claims to have written lots of chapters about all the characters but there was too much for a single volume so he decided his “readers would be better served by a book that told all the story for half the characters, rather than half the story for all the characters”.

But we don’t get the whole story for any of the characters.  For the most part we are left with a load of cliffhangers, or in Brienne’s case a noosehanger. And if all the other characters’ chapters had already been written in June 2005, why the hell did it take Martin until 2011 to get A Dance with Dragons out?


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2 Responses to Finished the Feast

  1. Kimsie says:

    he wrote himself into a corner in Mereen, and needed drastic rewriting. over and over again

    • Maybe so, but it had taken him 5 years from the release of A Storm of Swords to put together the plethora of chapters from which he extracted the character threads that became A Feast for Crows. So he had already had 5 years of fiddling with the Danaerys storyline and he then needed 6 more in which to get her narrative fit for publication. 11 years is enough time for a frightening number of Danaerys rewrites – he must have made a real meal of it many times over and over a long enough period to get totally sick of the woman.

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