Too late Roy

Books All I can say is that I’m glad I didn’t wait for the Roy Dotrice recording of A Feast for Crows to come out on Audible. Random House are releasing it on 15 December and it will presumably be available via Audible on or around the same date.  I finished Feast on Kindle a month ago and am now more than half way through A Dance with Dragons.

Did I miss much? Probably not. I do enjoy Roy Dotrice’s facility with voices and characterisations.  He does bring the stories to life, but I don’t love all his characterisations equally and I was less fussed about the Feast characters (Brienne, Jaime, Cersei, Arya, Sansa) than I am about Tyrion, Davos, Danaerys, Theon who inhabit Dance.

I did miss his rendition of Samwell in Feast, which is a shame, but I could more or less hear that voice in my head as I was reading his chapters on Kindle, so familiar has it become. And at least I still have Roy voicing Dolorous Edd Tollett in Dance.  Edd is only a bit player but he gets more funny lines than Tyrion these days and Roy has created a wonderful comically deadpan “brummie” voice for him.

The biggest let down voice-wise is Danaerys in Dance who seems to have been converted into a Dublin barmaid.  And we are back to Tragaryens instead of Targaryens.


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  1. And A Feast for Crows, as narrated by Roy Dotrice, is indeed now available on Audible in the UK and presumably everywhere else.

    I don’t think I shall bother to revisit it, as audiobook or in any other format, for a long time. It was easily the weakest of the A Song of Ice and Fire series to date. At least A Dance with Dragons has been a welcome return to form.

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