Brandon Sanderson finished writing A Memory of Light today

Books And very odd it was too.  He live-tweeted his progress through the last 20 “scenes” he needed to write. He then had only to bolt on the finale Robert Jordan had already written many years ago to complete the book and with it the Wheel of Time series.

We had a count-down on Twitter as Brandon completed each scene and he found time to keep up the banter with his fans as he sprinted for the line, seemingly buoyed by euphoria and drawing strength from his Twitter-followers.

Sanderson: First scene out of twenty finished. (Note that I’m using ‘scene’ here liberally to mean a point on the plot outline.)

That was 12 hours ago. Later …

SandersonScene #13 was a short one. Finished. Seven more to go.

Kevsationalgreat 🙂 how many words is an average scene? Your word rate is depressing me!

SandersonIt really depends. Some scenes are five or six thousand words. Often, at the end of books, I’m jumping viewpoints quickly.

SandersonBrace yourselves. I just finished the last Mat Cauthon scene that, in all likelihood, will ever be written.

SandersonThe fourteenth scene was Mat’s, and now I’ve finished the fifteenth scene. Five more to go, and #AMoL is done.

He finished 2 hours ago with:

SandersonAnd now, yes, I will go to sleep. 7am here. That’s 10 hours of solid writing after a full day of solid writing, so I’m beat. Thank you all for the good wishes. May you find water and shade.

Presumably he is now in the Three-Fold Land of Nod, snoring happily away.

Of course, the fact that he’s finished writing the book doesn’t mean he’s actually finished writing it.  Among today’s tweets we had:

SandersonAs for when the book will come out, Tor should do an announcement soon. Revisions will take a good six months. So fall, I expect. Another common question: How many revisions will I do? The last two took about a dozen. (On no-wot books, I do about seven or eight.)

Comfortingly we had:

keebler980General writing question: after The editor edits, is it typical for an author to add/rewrite, or only the editor?

SandersonOnly the author rewrites or adds. Never the editor. (in most cases.)

Roll on autumn.


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