Catching up

Books My posts on this blog have become so sporadic (life gets in the way) that I am struggling to remember all the books I’ve read in recent months. What follows is an aide-memoire and I will come back to these books in turn with my comments and reflections.

Books I have read (or have started reading) since my return from my South American holiday in March:

  • “Consider Phlebas” by Iain M. Banks (Book I of the Culture Series) [Kindle]
  • “The Player of Games” by Iain M. Banks (Book II of the Culture Series) [Audible]
  • “Use of Weapons” by Iain M. Banks (Book III of the Culture Series) [Audible]
  • “Among Others” by Jo Walton [Audible]
  • “The Name of the Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss [Kindle]
  • “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins [Audible]
  • “When Gravity Fails” by George Effinger [Audible]
  • “The Final Empire” by Brandon Sanderson (Book I of the Mistborn Trilogy) [Audible] – just over 2 hours to go
  • “Nine Princes in Amber” by Roger Zelazny (Book I of the Chronicles of Amber) [Kindle] – just started

Out of that lot the stand out read was Among Others.  The best book I have read in a fair while.  In terms of sheer wonder and enjoyment it outshone even The Name of the Wind and The Hunger Games. But all the books I’ve listed above were well worth the read in their own ways.


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