Utterly shocked …

Books … to hear the awful news about Iain Banks.

It would have been terrible news at any time but I think maybe worse because I am right in the middle of, and very much enjoying, one of his books so had Iain Banks and my thoughts about his writing very much at front of mind.

So far, I have found Excession, the fourth Culture book, the most fun to read although I still have a few to get to. Apparently, a lot of people like it because of the insight into the Culture AI Minds and the amusing conversations between them. That is definitely an enjoyable aspect to the book, but I have simply found it more immediately engaging than the others. I am around a third of the way through it now.

I admire Iain’s courage and graciousness, as well as his extraordinary inventiveness and imagination as a writer. The announcement of his condition on his website is unfortunately, but understandably, getting too many hits to reach at the moment. It is though reproduced    in full on the BBC news website.


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